Sue's Auction & Appraisal Services

About Sue

Auction Service History

Since 1975, Sue's Sales has greatly increased its services to include:
    Antique & Collectible Auctions
    Specialty Auctions
    General Household Items
    Real Estate
    Farm Equipment

Sue's Sales is also a certified member of Indiana Auctioneer's Association.

Appraisal Service History

Sue's Sales has also been performing appraisals for more than 36 years. Sue is a CERTIFIED APPRAISER in good standing with the Certified Appraisal's Guild of America, one of the top four appraisal organizations in North America, is the largest trainer of personal property appraisers in North America.

Sue's Appraisal Service performs a variety of appraisals, including:
   Estate Appraisals
   Insurance Appraisals
   Divorce Appraisals

Who's Who

Sue's endeavors have earned her recognition in The Heritage Registry of Who's Who.

References are available upon request - including private owners, banks, and attorneys.

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